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Gilleran Energy Management provides comprehensive residential energy efficiency consulting for single-family homes, AUDs, and subdivisions in Healdsburg. Our knowledgeable team will help you determine which upgrades can reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and minimize environmental impact. Beyond creating a customized plan for your residential project, our residential energy efficiency consulting can also help you identify and qualify for the appropriate funding and incentive programs. We work with home builders and developers, as well as residential clients.

Home Energy Efficiency Services in Healdsburg

Our home energy efficiency services include:

  • Incentive Program Evaluation: California Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development (BUILD) Program for new construction of all-electric affordable housing 
  • Residential Auditing
  • Incentive Program Evaluation: California Energy-Smart Homes Program for new residential construction and alterations that provides incentives for adopting advanced energy measures and transitioning to all-electric building design
  • Energy Audits and Modeling 
  • ENERGY STAR Certification 
  • Building Energy Modeling and Title 24 Compliance Analysis
  • Building Performance Testing: BPI, Title-24, CALGreen, HERS 
  • Single and Multifamily HERS II & BPI-based 
  • Solar-PV System Sizing 
  • Performance Testing 
  • Zero Net Energy
  • Energy Conservation
  • Cost-Benefit/Return on Investment Forecasting

The GEM team is committed to providing you with actionable, cost-effective solutions to optimize your operational costs. Whether you’re looking for home energy efficiency services for an existing residence, a new build, a rebuild, or an addition, you’ll receive the best plan to help you reach your energy goals.

For more information on residential energy efficiency consulting services in Healdsburg, contact Gilleran Energy Management today at (707) 528-7318.