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Gilleran Energy Management offers commercial energy efficiency consulting in Petaluma for the winery, cannabis, and other commercial markets. Whether you’re interested in reducing areas of inefficiency or qualifying for building certifications, our collaborative team will help guide you every step of the way. Our energy efficiency consultants start by getting a firm understanding of your energy goals, then create a customized plan to make them a reality. With our in-depth knowledge of construction and design, we’ll also work closely with your team to ensure that any new upgrades or construction preserve your building’s key aesthetics elements.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Consulting in Petaluma – Our Services

If you’ve been looking for ways to cut operational costs, improve comfort, or reduce environmental impact, it’s time to speak with our energy efficiency consultants. From permit approvals and complete planning of new builds to effective energy-efficient upgrades, our team can handle any of your energy needs. We stay up to date on the latest standards, regulations, and certifications, so you can be confident your plan will meet all requirements.

We offer the following commercial energy efficiency consulting services in Petaluma:

  • Cost-Benefit/Return on Investment Forecasting
  • Performance Testing
  • Solar-PV System Sizing
  • Energy Audits and Modeling
  • Zero Net Energy
  • Battery Backup Review
  • ENERGY STAR Certification & Benchmarking
  • Building Energy Modeling and Title 24 Compliance Analysis

Contact Our Team of Energy Efficiency Consultants to Discuss Your Project

GEM energy efficiency consultants offer timely, responsive communication and complete support for your project, from concept to completion. Whether you’re interested in verifying compliance or Zero Net Energy, our team of experts will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. For more information on our commercial energy efficiency consulting services in Petaluma, contact Gilleran Energy Management today at (707) 528-7318.