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When you need residential energy efficiency consulting near Petaluma, contact Gilleran Energy Management. We offer comprehensive consulting for single-family homes, subdivisions, and AUDs. From advising on areas of energy inefficiency around your home to creating customized plans to help you qualify for funding or incentive programs, we ensure all project goals are met and completed within budget. With our home energy efficiency services, you can feel confident you’re receiving the most knowledgeable and up-to-date guidance. Our consultants stay current with the latest building codes, certification requirements, and other standards to ensure you have access to the most effective energy solutions available.

Comprehensive Residential Energy Efficiency Consulting in Petaluma

Whether you’re planning renovations or to rebuild your home, our home energy efficiency services will help you meet your goals. We work with you every step of the way, from concept to completion. Well-versed in construction and design, we’ll also collaborate with your crew to ensure that all the key aesthetics of your home remain intact.

We offer the following residential energy efficiency consulting services in Petaluma:

  • Building Energy Modeling and Title 24 Compliance Analysis
  • Incentive Program Evaluation: California Energy-Smart Homes Program for new residential construction and alterations that provides incentives for adopting advanced energy measures and transitioning to all-electric building design
  • Cost-Benefit/Return on Investment Forecasting
  • Zero Net Energy
  • ENERGY STAR Certification 
  • Solar-PV System Sizing 
  • Energy Audits and Modeling 
  • Performance Testing 
  • Single and Multifamily HERS II & BPI-based 
  • Energy Conservation
  • Residential Auditing
  • Building Performance Testing: BPI, Title-24, CALGreen, HERS 
  • Incentive Program Evaluation: California Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development (BUILD) Program for new construction of all-electric affordable housing 

In addition to our home energy efficiency services, we also offer a wide variety of green building services, from state-mandated third-party verification to nationally recognized green building certification programs. Contact us today at (707) 528-7318 to learn how our green building and residential energy efficiency consulting services can help maximize the sustainability and energy savings of your Petaluma home.