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Gilleran Energy Management offers residential energy efficiency consulting in San Diego for homeowners, developers, and commercial housing clients. Founded in 2002, we specialize in finding the best solutions for your energy goals. Once we have a thorough understanding of your needs, we’ll develop a customized plan to meet them. Our team stays current with the latest building codes, certification requirements, and industry best practices to ensure our home energy efficiency services maximize your energy-saving potential. Contact us today to get started.

Comprehensive Residential Energy Consulting in San Diego

Would you like to improve the comfort of your home? Reduce operational costs? Or maybe you’d like to minimize the environmental footprint of your residence. Regardless of your energy goals, our home energy efficiency services provide comprehensive support throughout your project. From the conceptual stage to completion, we’ll guide you every step of the way. In addition, our consultants will work closely with your design and construction team to ensure all the key aesthetic elements of the residence remain without compromising energy efficiency standards.

Our residential energy consulting in San Diego includes:

  • All-electric building energy analysis for transitioning from natural gas to all-electric building design
    • Evaluation of new affordable housing for the California Energy Commission’s new BUILD all-electric low emissions development program
    • Evaluation of residential new construction and alterations for the California Energy-Smart Homes program (provides incentives to adopt advanced energy measures and transition to all-electric construction)
  • Building Energy Modeling and Title 24 Compliance Analysis
  • Building Performance Testing: BPI, Title-24, CALGreen, HERS
  • Zero Net Energy
  • ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Single and Multifamily HERS II & BPI-based
  • Energy Audits and Modeling
  • Residential Auditing
  • Energy Conservation
  • Cost-Benefit/Return on Investment Forecasting
  • Performance Testing
  • Solar-PV System Sizing

Get Full Support for Your Project

In addition to our home energy efficiency services, GEM also offers consulting and project support for green building, from state-mandated third-party verification to nationally recognized certification programs. Our consultants can also help you pursue any applicable tax credits, incentives, or funding. For more information on our residential energy efficiency consulting services in San Diego, contact Gilleran Energy Management today at (707) 528-7318 or email us at