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Jackson Day

Title 24 Energy Consultant, CALGreen, CTCAC, CUAC

Jackson Day is a highly skilled and versatile professional in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability. With expertise as a Title 24 energy consultant, CALGreen inspector, CTCAC specialist, and CUAC expert, he has made significant contributions to promoting environmentally conscious practices and ensuring compliance with energy efficiency standards.

As a Title 24 energy consultant, Jackson provides comprehensive guidance on California’s Energy Code (Title 24), offering consultations, energy modeling, and compliance assessments. His expertise helps clients achieve energy-efficient designs and secure necessary approvals.

In his role as a CALGreen inspector, Jackson meticulously ensures compliance with the stringent guidelines of the California Green Building Standards Code. His attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of green building principles contribute to the creation of sustainable structures.

With specialized expertise in CTCAC, Jackson facilitates the allocation of tax credits for affordable housing developments, expanding access to safe and affordable homes for low-income individuals. His knowledge of the regulations and guidelines governing tax credit allocation enables clients to navigate the application process effectively.

Jackson’s broad experience and dedication to sustainability make him an invaluable asset in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability.